Need a Hand with your Ceiling Tiles?

Take a gander up at your ceiling tiles- how do they look? See any of them sagging, discolored, broken, or water-marked? We know that all too well. Don’t feel ashamed- this is very common in facilities with ventilation above the drop ceiling, and with everything you have going on, we understand that it hasn’t been your top priority.

We know that Ceiling Tile imperfections are frequently caused by air conditioner condensation or leaks in the pipes or roof. Unfortunately, if you don’t catch this early, mold can form and become a health hazard to everyone in the office. Lucky for you, replacing these damaged tiles doesn’t take long and can make a big difference in the look and overall feel of your office.

At Crestview Property Maintenance, we believe everything about your business- including your ceiling tiles, should look professional, clean, and ready for a great first impression. We know sometimes you just need a hand in completing these one-off tasks, and having a handyman on call is an invaluable time saver for your business. Don’t waste your time screening multiple service providers. Call Crestview Property Maintenance today to get more information about our various Handyman Services and make sure your ceiling tiles look brand new.


The Best Way to Fertilize Your Trees!

The Best Way to Fertilize Your Trees!

How to Fertilize your Trees the best way!

fertilized trees are happy trees!


The best way to Fertilize your tree is very important! Just like you and I need to eat, trees are live, breathing organisms as well, and ALSO need to eat. Once a year at least in fact.

In clay soils, trees should generally only be fertilized every year, and in sandy soils, they will usually need fertilizing twice a year!

That’s it. You need to eat once a day, and your trees only need to eat once or twice a year. My hope is to teach you exactly how to fertilize, using a method that is easily available to you.

My assumption is that you don’t have the $8K-$18K for the equipment that the professionals use, so I’m simplifying and giving you the best way to fertilize your trees without using the expensive equipment that the pros use. It’s called Vertical mulching, and it’s one of the best ways to fertilize your trees!


How to do it:
1.        Drill holes in the soil that are 1”-3” wide, and 6”-8” deep. Stagger the holes in a brick-laying pattern all throughout the soil underneath where the tree’s canopy is. We consider this area to be within the “dripline,” or area underneath the treed
2.       Backfill 2” of each hole with an organic, slow release fertilizer.
3.       Backfill the remainder of the hole with organic compost.
4.       Sit back, and enjoy your beautiful trees grow and thrive!


What you’ll need –
1.       high powered battery drill, or low powered, corded drill
2.       a 1”-3” “earth auger” bit that fits your drill …  You can find it on amazon
3.       fertilizer – slow release, organic kind … if possible 😀
4.       compost!

That’s it. The reason we dig deep and bypass the grass when fertilizing trees, vs. just doing a granular spread, is because chances are, you have other grasses and plants that will steal almost all of the nutrients that you put down.

It’s important to go down deep when fertilizing tree roots, and this is the best method that I’ve found to do so without spending the big bucks to have it done professionally!

Thanks much and look forward to helping you with your “Green Pets” (trees!)

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Pooof just like that. Spring is here. Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weekend.

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Here’s Your Spring Maintenance Checklist

Here’s Your Spring Maintenance Checklist

by  Jayson Dahl 


Now that spring has sprung, let’s clear the cobwebs and get your home ready! Here is our quick guide to spring home maintenance:


Inspection top to bottom: Now that the weather is temperate you will want to check on how your home weathered the winter. Check the roof for leaks, the gutters for damage, and the siding for cracks. You will also want to inspect your basement or foundation for any shifts. Make repairs now to prevent further damage.


Clean out the gutters: April showers bring May flowers… so clear out the gutters to keep rain from pooling on your roof or near your foundation.


Pest control: Spring is mating season for eight legged critters, so sweep out cobwebs, clear debris, and check the nooks and crannies. If you live in an area prone to dangerous species like brown recluse or black widows, you may want to contact your local pest control, but otherwise household spiders do help eliminate other bugs.

HVAC system: If you have an air conditioner now is the time to check to make sure it is ready before summer gets here and everyone else is clamoring for maintenance. Now is a good time to check your home air filters and replace or upgrade to keep allergens at bay.


Clear the clutter: Do a sweep around the house and get rid of junk that you don’t use! Take a little time each week to tackle a room. Closets, playrooms, and basements can be especially daunting, but getting rid of old stuff and refreshing your space will go a long way!


Deep clean: On a nice day open the windows, dust, wipe, scrub, and clean. You will get a nice work out and your home will look and feel so fresh after a winter of being cooped up.


Update your décor: Add a splash of color to your home with small embellishments. Add a colorful vase, a lighter throw for your sofa, pretty pastel pillows, or spring-time candles, to upgrade your living space.


Take it outdoors: Let your throw rugs, curtains, and other tapestries air our outside. Shake off the dust, spot clean what you can and let everything bask in the sun for an afternoon.


Don’t forget the back yard: It may not be time to start up the grill, yet, but you can get started on your outdoor entertaining checklist. Check your lawn, and if you have some spare spots start filling in with seed. Check your outdoor plants, prune, plant bulbs, start to replenish soil for your garden, and mow, so you are ready to start when the season allows.

Speaking of the grill – if you have a gas grill you will want to pull this out and perform a maintenance check. Clean everything up and check to make sure all the gas lines are clear, as these can get clogged after sitting idle all winter. Make sure the grill is clear of spiders too, as they can build webs in the tubes, causing damage to your grill. You can start to bring out your garden furniture too, or clean it up if you left it covered outside all winter. Because before you know it, it’ll be barbeque season!

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Pooof just like that. Spring is here. Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weekend.

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Property Maintenance



By Jayson
 In Window Washing

What’s happens if you avoid window cleaning?

Instead of water running off a smooth clean surface the moisture absorbed by the Bio-Film*, (layer of “dirt”), is held against the surface and allowing the glass to be damaged by;

  • Hard Water Spotting – Minerals, (mainly Magnesium and Calcium), in tap water remain after the water evaporates leaving the familiar spotting.

Screen Oxidation – Also called screen burn; forms on the glass when the powder from the rusting aluminum screen is blown back against the glass and over time bonds to it. You can often tell if this will be present on the windows if the metal screens are splotchy with patches of grey powdery residue. Aluminum isn’t a ferrous metal turns orange when rusting.

Removal of these stains from glass can be considered restoration and is separate from the normal cleaning process if severe. Yearly cleaning will prevent this staining and prolong your enjoyment of your windows.




Give Crestview Property Maintenance a Call Today! We are the leading window washing company in serving Minneapolis, ST. Paul and the surrounding areas.

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Pooof just like that. Spring is here. Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weekend.

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Getting Your Lawn Ready for Spring

Getting Your Lawn Ready for Spring

Getting your lawn ready for Spring,  is just around the corner, now is the time to start planning your lawn care for the upcoming season.

The heavy snowfalls we’ve experienced this winter have left a lot of piled up snow on the lawns. Snow mould can occur. An indication of snow mould is a web like substance on the surface of the lawn once the snow has melted. A light hand raking in these areas is recommended to reduce the risk of the lawn dying out in these areas. As the snow melts it’s important to make sure a layer of ice is not accumulating in areas as this can cause the lawn to die underneath.

It is important in the spring to remove the excess dead grass from the lawn. We recommend Power Raking which is able to remove more of the dead grass than hand raking. Aeration is also very beneficial in the spring and can be done at the same time as power raking. Aeration reduces soil compaction and helps control thatch in the lawn while helping water & fertilizer penetrate into the root zone.

Fertilizer applied in the spring will give your lawn a head start to a thicker, greener lawn.

Call Crestview property maintenance for all our services.


ready for summer lawns.

Summer lawns

Snow Removal Tips

Top 10 Winter Snow Removal Tips


Top 10 Winter Snow Removal Tips

Whether you hire a company for snow removal services or do it yourself, consider these tips:

Winter weather and snowfall totals can be unpredictable.

Be prepared with food, gas, shovels, de-icing materials and a generator so you can relax no matter what comes your way.
Mark your driveway with reflective posts so your driveway gets plowed and not your lawn and landscape. Figure out where the snow will go and where it will cause problems.
Relax and stay at home until the winter storm is over. Your four wheel drive or all wheel drive vehicle is not as safe as you think. Take a break and stay home until the roads are cleaned. Have an enjoyable snow day off like you did as a kid.
Dress warm and stay alert if you are going out in the storm.
Keep up with the storm. Remove a few inches of snow at a time instead of a large amount. Typically snow removal should be done every 4 to 6” so it’s manageable and so you can get out or people can get in if there is an emergency.
Snow shoveling is like working out, so don’t overexert yourself and stay in the right mindset. Consider using a snowblower, then there will be little to no snow shoveling. Better yet hire a local snow plowing service.
Prevent salt damage by switching from salt to safer ice melting products. Salt destroys everything from grass and plants to walkways and driveways. Spending a few extra bucks for better ice melting products will help prevent more costly repairs from happening in the future.
Apply de-icing material carefully! Stay away from lawn and landscape areas and the edges of driveways and walkways.
Dogs and cats hate the salt as well, it hurts their paws! There are many pet safe products that can be used to make pet safe areas for your furry friends.
Avoid making walking paths on your lawn since over time walking on snow and ice will damage or kill the dormant lawn.
I hope these snow removal tips serve you well. Have a good winter and see you in the spring!

Written By: Jayson Dahl
612-207-0274 Crestview Property Maintenance Services Inc. ®

Proper Mulching Techniques for Trees

no_volcanoesProper Mulching Techniques for Trees, Mulches are materials placed over the soil surface to maintain moisture and improve soil conditions. Mulching is one of the most beneficial things a homeowner can do for the health of a tree. Mulch can reduce water loss from the soil, minimize weed competition, and improve soil structure. Properly applied, mulch can give landscapes a handsome, well-groomed appearance. Mulch must be applied properly; if it is too deep or if the wrong material is used, it can actually cause significant harm to trees and other landscape plants.

Benefits of Proper Mulching

Helps maintain soil moisture. Evaporation is reduced, and the need for watering can be minimized.
Helps control weeds. A 2- to 4-inch layer of mulch will reduce the germination and growth of weeds.
Mulch serves as nature’s insulating blanket. Mulch keeps soils warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
Many types of mulch can improve soil aeration, structure and drainage over time.
Some mulches can improve soil fertility.
A layer of mulch can inhibit certain plant diseases.
Mulching around trees helps facilitate maintenance and can reduce the likelihood of damage from weed whackers and lawn mowers.
Mulch can give planting beds a uniform, well-cared-for look.
Trees growing in a natural forest environment have their roots anchored in a rich, well-aerated soil full of essential nutrients. The soil is blanketed by leaves and organic materials that replenish nutrients and provide an optimal environment for root growth and mineral uptake. Urban landscapes, however, are typically a much harsher environment with poor soils, little organic matter, and large fluctuations in temperature and moisture. Applying a 2- to 4-inch layer of organic mulch can mimic a more natural environment and improve plant health.

Not Too Much!

As beneficial as mulch is, too much can be harmful. The generally recommended mulching depth is 2 to 4 inches. Unfortunately, many landscapes are falling victim to a plague of over-mulching or stacking mulch too high around the trunk of trees. Some clients ask us to create “mulch volcanoes” when we mulch their trees, as they want their tree mulch to look like their neighbor’s.

Problems Associated with Improper Mulching

Deep mulch can lead to excess moisture in the root zone, which can stress the plant and cause root rot.
Piling mulch against the trunk or stems of plants can stress stem tissues and may lead to insect and disease problems.

Proper Mulching

It is clear that the choice of mulch and the method of application can be important to the health of landscape plants. At Crestview Property Maintenance we use only hardwood mulches. If the mulch is dyed, the dues are organic material that is non-toxic to people, animals and plants. We instruct our technicians on the proper techniques for mulch installation and top dressing. If you have any questions about the type of mulch we use, or our methods of application, please contact us for more details.

Don’t Let Graffiti Make Your Business Look Bad

Don’t Let Graffiti Make Your Business Look Bad
Posted on APRIL 8TH 2018

by jayson

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Vandals have been tagging buildings with graffiti for years. It doesn’t matter if it is a bridge, a commercial building or a residence, graffiti seems to pop up everywhere you look.

When your business’s building gets tagged with graffiti, it’s a big deal. You don’t want this vandalism to stay on your building, detracting from the appearance of your business. That’s why we help property owners with professional graffiti removal services.

Why Get Graffiti Removed?
One big reason to have graffiti removed is for potential clients who are coming in to do business with your company. When a client comes in, a graffiti tag on the wall of your building is an unwelcoming sight. The vandalism might give current and potential clients the wrong impression which could lead to you losing future business.

Graffiti could also make you look bad to the community. Local residents might see the graffiti, get the impression that if you don’t take pride in your building, and then not recommend any of the business you conduct either.

That’s why you should hire Crestview Property Maintenance Removal Specialists to remove the vandalism and restore your property’s good looks. It doesn’t matter if it is on metal, asphalt, plastic or concrete, we will make sure all the graffiti is gone and leave no trace of it behind for anyone else to see.

Crestview Property Maintenance offers affordable solutions for removing any form of tagging and vandalism from your business. Using environmentally friendly chemicals, we will remove all of the markings from your building to make it look like new again. For more information on our services, please feel free to contact us today!

10 Reasons To Keep Your Parking Lot spotless

leanliness is a key factor, not only in supporting your business but also in determining the overall success and growth of your business. The cleanliness of your parking lot is just as important as that of the interior of your building.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why it is so important to retain a professional sweeping contractor on a regular basis:

1 – If your business’ exterior is neglected, potential customers will expect the internal cleanliness and other affairs of your business to be poorly run as well.

2 – A cluttered parking lot projects an image of not being successful. To be successful, one must project an image of success at all times.

3 – It’s impossible to develop or retain a competitive edge if your parking lot is unkempt.

4 – Even the most beautiful landscaping is made ineffective by a parking lot cluttered with debris.

5 – People will be hesitant to venture into a parking lot full of trash, due to potential tire damage.

6 – Sand, dirt, and debris are abrasive and will shorten the life of the pavement, its seal coating, and striping.

7 – When a parking area is clean, visitors are less likely to throw trash out of their cars when they visit.

8 – A parking lot that remains unswept for an extended time, will attract rodents and other potentially disease-carrying animals.

9 – Keeping litter picked up reduces the chances of slip-and-fall injuries and reduce potential liability in resulting lawsuits.

10 – Dirt and debris deteriorate paving material. Especially if enough collects to start plant growth and roots cause cracking in the asphalt.

In today’s highly competitive market, business property managers just can’t afford a tarnished image caused by cutting back on parking area maintenance.

Winter isn’t over yet

Winter is never going to get over with. it is april 2nd and its snowing once again!  Snow removal

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