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A History of Snow Removal

The Evolution of Snow Removal Equipment NOV 8, 2018 A History of Snow Removal The latest and greatest in snow removal technology is always a topic of great interest for our industry. The newest equipment, with sectional wing plows or containment blades, heated pavement & snow melting machines, and various options for liquid and blended […]

Fall Lawn Care Tips

The worst of the summer heat will have subsided soon. Refreshed by the thought of breathing cooler air, you’re poised to roll up your sleeves and do some fall lawn care. But you should read these tips first. The regimen right for your situation will vary, according to whether your lawn is composed of a […]

What makes us different is… we represent the client

What makes us different is… we represent the client! With Crestview Property Maintenance , you’re not choosing between two maintenance companies; you’re choosing between the same thing you’ve always had, and an improved way of handling your maintenance and other services. You’re choosing a company that will become an extension of your management team with […]

Repairs & Maintenance Building services you can trust.

Crestview Property Maintenance Services offers a comprehensive array of Repairs & Maintenance Services and has a highly capable staff, prepared and ready to provide for all of your property maintenance service needs. Whether you are simply looking for someone to keep your lighting fixtures in top shape, or something more complex like a retail space […]


GETTING YOUR BUSINESS READY FOR Fall: COMMERCIAL PROPERTY MAINTENANCE Fall is approaching fast! The weather will be cooling down and everything outside is starting to shine a little brighter, but can you say the same for your commercial property? Consistent property maintenance should be a focus point of all commercial spaces. Fall is the perfect opportunity for property owners […]

5 Benefits When You Recycle Concrete

  One of the most common by-products of demolition and remodeling is concrete debris. But, when responsibly disposed of, this material can be beneficial. Regardless of whether a construction firm is engaged in demolition, remodeling, or even new construction, getting rid of leftover debris is a constant need until the project is complete. While any construction […]

Day porter services in minneapolis

DAY PORTERS Does your business have enough traffic during the day that it gets dirty enough to cause concern that your clients would be uncomfortable? Many businesses have this issue and solve the problem by having a day porter. Day porter services are normally between 4-8 hours per day. A common thought is that if […]